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Belong Villages

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A home for life, a home for living.

A sense of belonging is fundamental to our goals at Belong. We want our customers to feel at home in our villages, with all the security, contentment and fulfilment that the word ‘home’ signifies.
Belong is a values-based organisation, founded on our vision that older people have the right to enjoy the same community belonging and richness of experience that they have always known. 20 years of experience as a care operator informs our ambition to offer a radically different alternative to the host of existing care settings.

As one of the pioneers of the ‘household’ model we are a not-for-profit organisation whose first priority will always be to offer a higher quality of life and a higher quality of personal care, regardless of how complex your needs may become.

Belong villages are a place where privacy and community go hand-in-hand, offering intimate and natural settings where you can build meaningful and long-term relationships with other residents, employees and visitors. By opening our facilities to the wider community, Belong villages welcome all age groups, creating a place where children can play, families can unwind and you can receive the support and respect that you deserve.

Career Opportunities

There’s more to quality care than a carefully planned building, no matter how exceptional it may be. Skilled staff who share our values are essential to achieving Belong’s vision. Everything that we do at Belong we strive to do better and we strive to go beyond what’s adequate by exceeding the expectations of our customers.

If you choose to work for Belong we’ll offer you a fulfilling and rewarding job, because your happiness at work is really important to us. We promote and encourage ‘life long learning’ for all our staff, helping you to develop, progress and grow. This all results in us being able to offer customers a better service and total peace of mind.