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Nugent Care is a charitable organisation which offers a diverse range of support to adults and children across Liverpool and throughout the North West of England. The origins of Nugent Care date back to the 1800’s and the pioneering work of Father James Nugent (1822-1905) in relation to child welfare, relief from poverty and social reform. The work of Father Nugent had a dramatic impact on the lives of thousands of vulnerable people and his work continues to this day through Nugent Care.

Today the wide range of services Nugent Care has to offer allows us to provide a highly individualised and tailored approach to all our service users. We work with children, adults and community groups through our homes, schools and community based projects throughout the North West, ensuring people’s rights, independence, interdependence, choice and inclusion are integrated into everything we do. As a social care provider, Nugent Care works at the heart of some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged communities. We strive not only to provide the best possible service to individuals and their families in these areas, but to generate interest, awareness and an understanding of the issues they face and the impact of this on our wider communities.

As a community support organisation we are proud to have achieved our 130th celebratory year and look forward to the next 130 years of carrying on Father Nugent’s good work of supporting and caring for children, adults and the community in the Merseyside area!

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Thank you for your interest in working for Nugent Care.

Nugent Care is one of the leading charities in the North West of England, serving people of all ages and needs. We continue to fulfil a major social welfare role throughout the North West by acting as both a service provider and a major employer.

The scale of our work is immense and we offer a wide range of exciting and challenging jobs which includes roles within our children, adult, community, supported living and adoption services, including Head Office.

We employ over 700 people and volunteers who want to make a positive difference and we are committed to developing the full potential of our staff. We are an equal opportunities employer and passionate about what we do so we are looking to recruit and retain people with the right mix of skills, experience, competence, values and beliefs to Nugent Care.

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