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Nurturing Your Recruitment began when we identified that there is a demand for Personal Independence Payments Assessors. This is due to a change in legislation which means that there is a new benefit for people of working age with disabilities that has replaced Disability Living Allowance (DLA), this was effective from April 2013. PIP was introduced for new claimants only in parts of north east and north west England from 8 April 2013. It was then introduced for new claimants across the rest of England Scotland, and Wales from June 2013. A process to reassess most existing DLA claimants for PIP started in October 2013.

NYR’s vision is to have a specialised recruitment company to meet this niche market demand. NYR will be matching skilled qualified workers with clients, saving business time and money. This means NYR knowing are market and this is done by being ruthlessly focused to create us as a market expert.

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