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Care Home – Nurse (RGN)





POST TITLE:                             Nurse


REPORT TO:                              Manager/Deputy Manager





To assist the Senior Nurse/Manager in assessing, implementing and evaluating a high standard of residents care.

The registered nurse should:

  1. Assume leadership responsibilities in motivating the staff to:

Achieve a high standard of care.

Carry out appropriate skills for the job.

Direction and support.

  1. Maintain effective communications, both verbal and written, making accurate reports on residents and inform other members of the senior care team of day to day changes.

  1. Ensure that care procedures are carried out according to policy.

  1. Ensure that there is adequate staff cover in absence of the Manager.

  1. Be responsible for the ordering, administration and recording of medicines according to policy and statutory requirements.

  1. Provide appropriate personal care for residents e.g. washing and dressing and toileting.

  1. Provide physical, emotional and spiritual comfort.

  1. To deputise for the Manager.

  1. Carry out Staff Supervision and Appraisals with Team/Unit allocated.

  1. Implement changes in routine and/or procedures as agreed with the Manager.

  1. Assist with the recruitment and selection process of new staff of all grades.

  1. Carry out Staff Induction Programme.

  1. Assessment of perspective clients/residents.

  1. Completion of the duty rota as necessary.

  1. Carry out Internal Quality Audits as agreed with the Manager.

  1. Participate fully in the training and development of all grades of staff.

  1. Promote and maintain the good reputation of the home.

  1. Comply with the legislative standards of the Care Standards Act.

  1. Assist Manager to work within agreed budgets.

  1. Health and Safety

Be responsible for creating and maintaining a safe environment for all individuals in the home. Particular attention should be given to individuals with disabilities such as limited mobility, hearing, eyesight or mental concentration. This duty of care extends to all visitors or those doing     work within the home.

To be responsible in your position for the implementation of the Home’s Health & Safety Policy

The home has a full set of policies and procedures to enable you to work safely. An individual risk assessment is available for your post and you must be fully aware of the safe working practices, which are identified in that document.

You should always work in a way, which safeguards the health and safety of yourself and those working around you.

Create safe practices for staff particularly with heavy lifting, cleaning and in the use of equipment.

  1. The registered nurse has responsibility to represent this home and in particular, the home’s work; in relation to all public and private organisations, agencies or individuals who they are in contact with through their position.

  1. Personal Development


To attend such training and development programmes as are necessary to attain or enhance your skills appropriate to the tasks and responsibilities for the post to enable you to enhance your personal contribution to the Home’s work.

  1. Job Description


To review on a regular basis the job description for you post and agree any changes.

  1. How we Work


To be up to date on, and follow, the relevant procedures contained in the Home’s Policy and Procedures file as they affect your job and its responsibilities.

  1. Equal Opportunities


Gold Care Homes is a company which consistently and positively celebrates differences that we have as people. The Home, in its policy and training, describes what we can expect of each other in our conduct. In your job, we expect you to make the fair treatment of colleagues and of those whom we serve a priority.

  1. Accountability


Be accountable to your Manager for all areas of your duties and responsibilities. This accountability will be expressed through:

  • Regular one to one supervisions and team meetings with the Manager and other members of the team.

  • An annual appraisal meeting at which personal targets will be set and monitored.

Reporting Manager

Duncan Smith

Job Requirements