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Recruitment Panda is an expert specialist health and social care recruitment consultancy established in 2014, that has been more than 10 years in the making.

Having successfully sought and placed a wide range of people, from professions as diverse as Care Workers to Doctors, Directors and Dementia Nurses (and many others), it is with the utmost respect that we make our claim of expertise in nursing, health and social care careers.

You see during this time, we have seen the good, the bad and also the ugly in nursing, health and social care, as well as in recruitment companies and careers advice in general. So with this experience; and because every single member of our team has close family and friends working in and accessing care in the UK, we are uniquely motivated to ensure that the introductions we make result in the best possible outcomes for our candidates and clients.

We have made it our mission to challenge the perceptions of what good recruitment consultancy is; and to be a voice heard by the most talented health and social care professionals to say, that UK Health and Social Care is an outstanding place to be!

Recruitment Panda leads the way, not by the amount of money made or number of jobs filled, but by the difference that we make to the careers and therefore lives of the people we serve; and moreover the difference that they go on to make for others.


Recruitment Panda are actively involved in the health and social care community both online and offline. We love reading all about our industry and regularly share interesting stories, info and work related insights with the professionals we work with and our online followers.

We are also passionate supporters of a range of charities who we carry out fundraising and other charity work for and donate to personally. We’d love to hear about causes that are close to your heart, professional issues that we can draw on our networks to assist you with; and hope that in general you find us an engaging source of news and advice.