The A24 Group - Recruitment


The A24 Group is a privately-owned medical staffing agency. We have traded successfully since 1996 and now operate on two continents, supplying locum doctors, agency nurses, AHPs and HCA care assistants to healthcare service organisations, who include hospitals and primary care providers, prisons and care homes, insurance and other companies.

Career Opportunities

There are many exciting opportunities to work as a locum doctor, agency nurse, AHP or HCA care assistant with the A24group. Some medical staff work with us on a full-time basis – others choose occasional evenings or weekends, or during holiday periods. All select the A24 Group because we offer maximum flexibility in the hours and locations where medical staff want to work. This is particularly important when you are busy, perhaps juggling family and other commitments and want to ensure the best work-life balance.

Medical staff also choose the A24 Group because of the excellent pay rates we consistently offer. We achieve these rates because of the high-quality service that we offer our clients, health service providers. They know they can rely on us to provide qualified staff, fully compliant, on time and just when they are needed, backed by a reliable, friendly and helpful service.